Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well at least I was writing

Good evening world,

I am listening to Norah Jones, it is very dark outside and I just cooked a berry pie - and all of that after spending 2 or 3 solid hours on the Samael book and ending up feeling like hell because of the amount of energy it costs me in the reading and writing. I wonder, if it ever gets published, will the readers feel the same drain? I haven't had any negative comments from anyone who has read it so far. Must just be me. And I only edited 6 pages, so where does the energy go?

The problem with the dark, one of the many, is if you talk about them they will notice and come and visit. One of the reasons why I gave up writing this book was the influence Sama's energy was having over the household I was living in. I am hoping Tom is strong enough not to be affected by it, and that I am strong enough too. Oh well, it has to be written, and I don't seem to be able do do anything 'but' write it right now, all other avenues of adventures have dried up.

What is it they are trying to teach me? What is it I am trying to learn? The elohim info was very interesting, stuff I didn't know when I wrote the first draft. I must be a very slow learner.

Must eat pie. Walk softly all, have a great night,
We love you
9.22pm wednesday

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It has been lovely to live here on the apple farm for the past 3 weeks - so quiet, so peaceful, only crickets, the birds that eat the apples and drop them off the trees, the shot gun, the aircannon that I am sure the birds ignore completely - but sounds like it goes off right in your ear (but that's another story) ...

A few days ago that changed. It started with the sensation of being watched, in a nasty fashion, from down the hill past the bottom of the orchard. I didn't spend any time trying to work out what was watching because it was unexpected and spooked me, so crawled back into bed and went to sleep. Must not have been harmful, just watchful. So a couple of days later Tom and I come back from shopping and there is a really strong smell of perfume in the kitchen, no way it could have blown in from outside, so I went looking for the lady visitor and couldn't find anyone. The smell lingered for about 15 minutes and then was gone, but it came back later that night, fleetingly, and in the lounge room next to where Tom was sitting on the couch. I got a faint glimpse then but would not have noticed if Tom had not commented.

Today .. today the smell of cigarette (strong cigarette) smoke appeared in the kitchen. Since the back door was open, and it was on that side of me, I went looking for someone at the laundry door .. no one was there .. and the smell was gone, which is good because it had made me gag.

A few seconds ago (7:49pm Tuesday) a friend texted me about a house back in Armidale that was visited by a lady ghost last night. The lady was standing outside the back door looking like she had just knocked and was turning away. The girl in the house was freaked a bit, as was her baby. Hmm... is all the renewed ghost activity connected after months and months of peace and quiet. I will keep you posted.

Walk softly,
Love & Light
7.51pm Tues 24th March

Curiouser and Curiouser

Like Alice I sometimes wonder if anyone else notices how things like fallen angels and the war in heaven are brought to the attention of the general populace?

Graeme Connors is a popular australia country singer, one I had never heard of until Tom introduced me to his music. He has a song called 'cyclone season' which touches a nerve because the lyrics also speak of this time of change, and if you use the song as an analogy, digging into the deeper layers in the words, you can apply see the 'other' message. How often do you get a feeling that the 'world' is 'waiting' for something to manifest? For me it seems to get stronger all the time. For others like me the feeling is unsettling, unnerving at times.

Graeme's words are:

"this is dangerous time, this is a time without rhyme without reason, this is a time when the outcome can never be known .."

And this song is also about courage, perhaps foolhardiness, but showing us that there are still folks out there who are prepared to stand up for everyone, not just their own ego, or their own safety.

As you might see today I am having one of those pita 'no' energy days when I feel totally drained and even writing this is a struggle. Yesterday I was not inspired to even think. I was hunting a new business premise .. really I just want a large room I could also use for workshops, but being new in town I have no idea where to find one. I have to give it over to God to sort out. I am sure they can take care of it, in their own good time.

Fallen angels - look at the current spate of movies on the theme, mostly the fallen are nasty .. or simply twisted. Gabriel was a very stupid movie but the villian had the right name .. Samael. I know far too much about Sama and her ways. One day I will get back to that book and finish it. Maybe I will patchwork today instead. LOL

We love you,
9.18am Tuesday 24 March 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

What are Sacred Gates?

It has always been interesting to me that I never wanted to have a blog before since I have been involved in most mediums on the internet, barring ebay which I still find repellant. But it seems, at this later date, 12 years after I started, I am going to keep an online diary for a while. I decided it has two tasks - one is to record my thoughts as I work through this lovely book called "The Purpose Driven Life" Journal. The title also includes "Reflections on what on Earth Am I Here For". My reflection is more "I know what I am here for, why the blazes aren't I doing it yet"? LOL The other is just to record daily thoughts I suppose, not sure yet.

So let's begin with sacred gates .. well, you might know them as vortexes, they are the places in the energy of the world where heaven and earth touch, or hell and earth, and the truly interesting ones are where the three levels touch. You have to watch them, you never know which way the traffic might flow. They are called sacred because they belong to God. They all belong to God.

Let's cover another point while I am here. I want to call God God, you can can him/her/it anything you like, I really don't care, its all the same energy whatever name you give the creator entity - also whichever gender, though I prefer 'it' to s/he. It is an energy form, and right now you are reading 'it' while sitting in 'it' on a surface that is also 'it' .. and don't go all "A Course in Miracles" on me and say the chair is not there - you are right, it is not, but I decided it is and I'm keeping it that way. LOL

Back to Sacred Gates. I am a gatekeeper. I can control those gates. I can open them up, shut them down, create them and uncreate them. I can do it whether you want me to or not. And I do it because sometimes it really needs to be done. Stuff comes through from the nether regions that really doesn't need to be on earth, anytime, particularly now and particularly when it is hurting people. I am not the only one. I know lots of people who can do this, consciously or unconsciously. It's more fun on a conscious level. I call it 'playing in the energy'. The angels call 'living' playing. "Come and play, Ama", they say when they call me to work for them, for I have the free will they do not have, and I can make changes they are not allowed to create. I work for the Michael .. who are called Archangel Michael .. they are my friends. And no, they don't have wings, but that's another story.

I think I am all talked out for now. Have a great day, 'walk softly' as the Michael say.
We love you
posted 5.03pm

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sacred Gates

I began a journey only yesterday that will lead into tomorrow. I know not where my feet will tread, only that I travel with joy, peaceful in intend, curious by nature. Tomorrow may find me at the edge of a river, at the bottom of the ocean, in the heart of the sun .. it really does not matter, as long as Love and Peace are with me I am forever whole.

What am I looking for through all these sacred gates?

Ama Nazra
p.s. I didn't post this at 3.52am, I posted it at 9.52pm Australia time.