Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hmm... we had a visitor

Last night Tom came up the hall and asked me if I had been outside on the back verandah. When I said no he mysteriously disappeared and went and asked my mother if she'd been outside on the back verandah, walking around. The answer was also no, and I could vouch for her because I can smell the cigarette smoke through my window when she's out sitting on the front verandah puffing.

He reappeared in our bedroom with a delighed and puzzled air about him. It seems he heard someone walk quickly up the verandah (towards the orchard), and then more slowly back down (towards the street). Both times whomever it was went past the study window, where he sits with his back to it. Thinking it was me, he didn't turn around .. until the curtain rail fell off the hangers! Someone was obviously trying to get his attention.

I wonder why.

This full moon was a blue one. And everything feels just a little bit spooky. I decided that yesterday, before our visitor. I hope 'she'(?) found what she was looking for.

Love & Light