Friday, March 12, 2010

Incarnate Angel

It is coming to my attention lately, that every man and his puppy is being called an incarnate angel, which is not true. This is kind of frustrating because the information supplied with the comment is usually not very accurate. So I thought I would give you folks something to think about, before you decide to glory in the fact that you are angel on earth.

Every Earth Angel, or incarnate angel, is fallen. That means you were a demon before you became human. It means you were redeemed by God/Spirit after being a demon, because you saw enough of the Light, in your dark trap, to turn back towards Love and ask for help. No matter how loving and kind you are now, you have been everything that isn't loving, or kind.

When I first learned about the path of the Fallen I was hurt and shocked. How could anyone possibly find themselves in there, wouldn't you feel lost, lonely and guilty? The bible says there is no redemption for the fallen .. and yet ..

One thing stands out over the top of everything else ...

God loves us. It doesnt' matter which God you choose to follow, for in the end we are all one and the same. God loves all its creations. ALL OF THEM. And yes, God helped us create ourselves.

When the angels were created they were made to be servants, just servants. They had no free will, no power of choice, but only programming - much like the robots we are trying to create for ourselves these days. They did what they were created for - and truthfully, they still do.

There was a moment there when one of the angels was given free will. It became 'more aware', and more aware means the capacity to connect all the life events, if you could call it a life, and make the quantum leap out of repeating pattern of behaviour and find something more. Well the more led to questions, and questions led to ego .. and if you want to read the story you'll find it on my webpages under Love Song of the Universe, because it is a story about love - ok, quick link.
It is a story about the greatest love of all, God's for all of its creations. But I am repeating myself - an angel habit I guess. LOL

I want you to remember, when you want to feel important because you are an angel, that first you had the feet of clay, the claws that rend, that capacity to hate which was like breathing to you. Remember it when you want to lash out in pain, that your energy affects everyone around you, far more than the humans whose bodies you strive to live in. They don't quite fit, do they? Well, as demons you wanted to have what the humans have, and as humans you want to be angels? No, thank you. I would rather be the link between the two - a Child of Illumination, which is the name of the angel who first fell - Samael, the angel of Illumination. Spirit calls them Children of Light. Do you see the connection?

Samael was created to bring illumination, knowledge and wisdom, to humanity. She just did it in a very strange way.

How do you help others?

Love & Light