Monday, May 25, 2009

Visitors from the Spiritualist Church

The story continues ...

Today is Monday. Tom is on holidays so he was home with me all day. He continued to be melancholy. It had started in the church yesterday. I questioned him but I could not pin down the source of his sadness.

The day had begun oddly. He had woken up around 3.00am and got up at 5.00am. I had not slept well and was tired and grumpy and stayed in bed until nearly 7.30am. When he came in about 7.00 or so I had just woken up from a nightmare and was feeling forlorn and grumpy. I had been a small child who had lost things that she treasured; I remember a cup and perhaps a bear. The images were fleeting, the emotion far stronger than the visuals. It took me a while to drag myself out of bed, and I spent a long time thinking about the girl, and what ‘I’ had lost.

We discussed the church events again. It was not until after lunch, with my hands in hot water washing dishes, that I finally connected his mood and my dream together. I went out the front of the house to check the weather, which had been overcast all day and felt like rain, and said to myself ‘there is a storm coming’, which is the usual message I get when we are about to have some spiritual turbulence. A storm .. so I locked down the house shields and realised, rapidly, that the ‘storm’ was actually in the house with us.

Tom was sitting at the table. I asked him if he was aware of walking around with ‘anyone’ in his energy (inside his aura). He didn’t know. But I did. You see, what had happened to me during the washing up was the name Leopold. Leopold. An old name and completely out of the blue .. given that my thoughts were not on any subject related to that name. I told Tom what had happened and he said Leopold Zarvinski. We looked him up on the net. He really existed. It seems that Leopold, who might be related to Tom very distantly, had been somehow waiting at the building the spiritualist church uses for their services ... along with about 6 other ghosts.

When I checked around me, before talking to Tom, I found the little girl who had lost things, and 5 other lost souls, all drawing energy from both Tom and I. . They had latched on to us when we had walked into the building. That is when Tom had started feeling sad. That is when I had started to feel puzzled. After talking to Tom about them I arranged for them to be sent into healing. So that part of the storm passed without drama. Little did I know that another storm was brewing around my daughter? But that is another story.

A puzzling visit to Spiritual Church

Only a few days ago I was thinking how quiet everything is in the spiritual world. I spoke too soon. Yesterday Tom and I went to the local Spiritualist Church for the first time. I had known about it for some months but decided the time was right to look in and see how much it was like the one where I used to live in NSW. We arrived a couple of minutes late because we were not sure of the location. They were having a guided meditation, lovely, and so we walked quietly over to some chairs in a circle in the back of the room and sat down. I put my bag down on the chair next to me, and it promptly fell, with a loud crash, onto the floor. No one reacted, thank goodness.

And so we sat quietly at the back of the room until the meditation was over, and I was reminded strongly of the Healing Circle I used to have on a Wednesday night in the first Centre I ran. After it had ended we sang the lovely old version of Amazing Grace, then had a brief talk by the lady Reverend, who introduced a man who gave us a 101 level talk about Spirit. This was rather a puzzle to me, given that the church has been in existence since 1986 or so, and most of the women there (only 2 men, only being Tom) were middle-aged and seemed to know each other. He was rather scathing about Jesus, which personally bugs me, and pushing hard the book he had written about Him. Hmm... What also puzzled me was that he is a Minister in the Spiritualist Church and I am sure their philosophy includes the importance of the Christ energy.

During this time I spent energy looking at the auras of the five people seated behind the table. They were all quite beautiful. The lady controlling the music was all blues and greens, the lady with the blond hair was yellows and oranges, as was the other medium with the bobbed hair, though her energy flickered in and out quite rapidly. Afterwards I put it down to her being a bit nervous, as I explain further down. Another of the puzzles was that the lady Reverend appeared to have little or no aura at all, and what brief glimpses I could get flicked away rapidly before I could grasp the colours. There was a 5th lady at the table but I could not see her through the person sitting in front of me.

After the talk it was healing time. Quite a large number of the women made their way to the circle of chairs at the back of the room where some sat and some did healing. We were asked to share the energy, so I turned myself around in my seat to look at what was happening .. but it didn’t feel right so we turned back to the front where the lady Reverend then appeared to channel someone she didn’t identify and give us a very general message about how Spirit wants us all to heal. The only difference between her normal speech patterns and the ‘channelled being’ is that it (s/he?) stumbled over what to say at times.

After this event the healing guides and angels were thanked for their work, although I don’t think the women had finished doing their healings, somehow. There was a delay as the group of women made their way back to their seats, and then we had another song, one I don’t know.

The last event on the agenda was two ladies do readings for the group. I noticed they mostly worked on the left side of the room (Tom and I were on the right) and the second one seemed to be a novice, every enthusiastic, not much specific information (I mentioned her earlier). Lovely smile though. While both ladies looked intensely at us neither of them came near us with information. The first lady was very busy and very enthusiastic, and lovely to watch .. the blond lady mentioned earlier – she also took up most of the allocated time. The 2nd lady ‘read’ for 3 people and was equally abruptly dismissed by the Reverend. Then we had the closing song and everyone was told they could share afternoon tea in the kitchen.

Tom and I were debating staying when the blond lady came over and gave me a message. She said there was a great deal of sadness around us (Tom did feel sad, I was just disappointed with the whole thing) and that my obvious ill health will turn out just fine. I admit to menopause symptoms but otherwise I am healthy. I thanked her because her intentions were good, but I am still puzzled by the message. Tom and I then went back to debating stayed, then chose to and made our way out to the kitchen where .. strangely .. we were completely ignored. Not one solitary person came and said hello. No one asked who we were, or even passed the time of day with us. I got some afternoon tea for us, Tom got coffee, and we both stood on the edge of the crowd and just watched. Eventually the 2nd reader walked straight past my nose and said to a lady 2 people away from Tom’s side ‘are you the angel lady?’ She looked puzzled. I stood there wondering if I should say anything. She asked again, and I thought ‘what the heck’ and said ‘No, I’m the angel lady’. The reader glanced at me (was I invisible before I spoke?) and went back to talking to the other lady. About 10 minutes later when we had moved position slightly she glanced at me and said “Do you do workshops?”. I hesitated and finally said yes.

After that we headed out the kitchen door. On the way out no one said a word to us, no one looked at us or even smiled. I tapped the man on the shoulder, who had given us the talk on ‘spirituality’, as he passed me in the doorway. I asked to see his book, so he turned around and went out to his car to get a copy. Tom and I went back into the hall to wait for him. When he returned I took a copy of the book, read the back and then flipped it open .. as I expected Jesus turns out to be a nasty political person who employed thieves and thugs to do his dirty work .. and the author (who, by the way, is not brave enough to put his true name on the cover of the book) is a minister in a Christian based church??? I didn’t buy the book.

As we finally made our way to the exit we passed by a table of pamphlets and I picked up on free one and bought another couple. I paid the Reverend lady, who would not look me in the face when she was talking to me, but finally did after I collected my change from her. I deliberately chose to stare into her face and she looked up at me in a very odd way .. she seemed to tucked her head down into her shoulders, and then, snakily, lifted it up as she turned towards me. I just smiled. It added to the weirdness of the whole experience.

And yes, we are going back next fortnight ... I am curious to know what is going on there.

The story continues ...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I believe in ...

I used not talk specifically about my personal beliefs in the creator being who watches over all of us. I used to try to keep the my writing non-religious, but over the years the power of Spirit/God in people's lives has been demonstrated to me in many beautiful and unexpected ways. So today I will tell you what I know and remember about the living 'God'. Working with your guides is not always easy. Sometimes they demand far more of you than you think you can give, but the truth is, they never ask more than they know you are capable of - keep that in mind when life suddenly seems a little impossible.

... a non-judgmental God ...

When I was about nine years old I was expelled from Sunday school for being disruptive. You see, I argued with the teacher about 'God' being frightening and judgmental. It was 'not what I remembered', as I told the teacher. The teacher, being a God fearing woman, wrote to my mother and asked her not to send me to the classes anymore. My mother obliged.

An event like that can be an earth-shattering … relief … to a nine year old, but as I grew up, I would come to wonder why I 'knew', and still know, that 'God' Loves, not hates or judges. I have spent much time, over many years, arguing with ministers since then, and have spent far more time looking for 'God' everywhere, until I learned to start looking within.

.... in the power of Christ to change the lives of people ...

I was on a variety of discussion lists on the internet, mostly spooky and I have had fun ghost-busting around the world from my chair (and still do), and talking to the fractured and unhappy people who end up meeting me through emails. we spend time putting their lives back together, and dissecting the weird and wonderful events they are experiencing. I sometimes think I do far more work on the internet than I do in the day-to-day business here in town. One of the things I frequently remind people about is that the Christ energy never left the world. Yes, Jesus the Christ was hung up on the cross, as a lot of Christians still feel today, but He came down again, and became a part of each of us, forever.

This is what They promised, Christ and God, that They would remain with us always, and They do. But we forget this - that each of us has a Divine Spark within us twinkling and glittering and just waiting to be reactivated into full and unconditional Love, no matter what we believe or don't believe.

... the gift of angels ...

The angels say "It is not important that humanity believe in us, because we believe in them", and they actively work at their faith in us, for they know that we too share the Creator's ability to 'make things', that moment of inspiration that creates something new. They inspire our faith in Spirit/God and make it greater. They love profoundly and unconditionally and ask us to do the same, and they provide the energy to step into their world and Believe.

So, I am not a God fearing human. As a teen I even spent quite a long time pretending that 'God' didn't exist, until I was so lost in my own sorrow that I went looking for help - the outward type wasn't working, and I had nowhere else to turn. Why do we wait so long, when help is only a moment away? I've told this part of the story countless times, and simply put, one night I laid down and walked out of my body and spent time with someone who looked a lot like a Hebrew Jesus in a time when I thought Jesus had blond hair and blue eyes (or so the bible teacher had told us, and the statues in the church???). The moment is captured in my mind and pops up at unexpected times to remind me that each of us is truly loved, even when all we see around us is despair. From that experience I learned that acceptance is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another person, and I found acceptance and peace there,enough to base my life on.

Out of darkness - Light.

It was more than 18 years later that the angels reminded me of their presence. During a time of great searching I was "collected" and reminded that I had agreed to work with them, for more lifetimes than this one. They showed me a different world, a work of light and energy, healing and hope, and asked me to help share their understanding with other people. The training started then, long nights of restless sleep, no dreams, just a sense of working very hard in different places around the world, and not in this world. Before I thought I was ready, they asked me to practise what I believe in - to bring my understandings of life into a world made small by fear and sadness. They still teach me and show me that different place that so many of us, Lightworkers, are working for, and they constantly remind me that Love is the only energy, and that fear is human created, and demon fostered, and that burying my head is no longer a solution when I think I am 'frightened of the dark'. I have grown to love my teachers, to find peace and challenge in their presence, and I miss them when they change and rejoice in their comings and goings. They have given me a 'brand new day', and they can do the same for everyone who asks. The Creator being created the angels before humanity, and gave them to all of us as a gift .. but that is an old story.

... in the power of Love ...

I have come to believe, and act on the understanding, that every person has the capacity to do great good from Love, rather than from the fear that our society wants to instil in us, and truthfully, that belief helps more people to heal than any amount of normal Counselling can do. Given the chance, most people would also act from that understanding, once they get past the 'fear' beliefs that are a part of each of us. In creating humanity, God turned him/herself outwards and asked simply that we experience every moment of our lives as new, that we take every opportunity to do good for others, as well as ourselves, and that we give the gift of what we have learned back to our family in Spirit, our collective consciousness. From there 'God' learns about him/herself. We know that 'God' is a being of many faces, many genders, and many understandings, for s/he created man in his/her image .. and so we have male and female and a multitude of different religions and beliefs. The core of those religions is based on Love, just the general application is different.

... in the gift of free will ...

The Creator gave free will to humanity, a huge and tremendous gift - one that caused a war in heaven, and angels to fall. When we practise our gift the angels rejoice, and when we make mistakes and offend ourselves, others and God, they are sad, but they do not punish us and neither does God. They simply ask us to try harder, to think more clearly, and to love more deeply, for that brings healing.

I believe that the current Earth changes, the shifting of human frequency, and the activation of spiritual growth in every person living is the signal for one of the most important times of humanity existence, when we can claim our heritage as Co-creators, and truly make a difference for our world. It is up to us to walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior, to learn to Love, to recognise what is true to us and what is important to the world, and to act on those Truths. We don't all share the same understandings, but that no longer matters, for if we will try, bridges will be built between 'peoples' and problems circumvented. Will you help?

Does it sound like a huge task? It is not. It begins within each of us, by choosing to make a difference and acting on that choice; by being honest with ourselves, and with everyone else; by looking for Love everywhere, and most particularly in times of pain; and by trusting in a Greater Good, if a Creator Protector is not something you are comfortable talking to. It is time for us to pull together, to stand up and be counted, and let our collective energy create healing for all of us. Every person who chooses to do this, even for a moment, adds tremendous energy to the changing world - and to undo what has been done by humanity takes a tremendous amount of energy.

When you search inside yourself for the 'something' that is missing - see if it is faith - Faith in yourself, in other people, or in God. That may well be your key to healing. It begins with "I believe in …"

Love & Light
Ama Nazra


It is interesting how the small things can matter so much in the long run. It is small things that we remember, small faults, when we are angry, and small kindnesses that can change our lives, and viewpoints, when we are happy or sad.

I wanted to spend a moment talking about a small and important part of my life. He 'returned to God' last Monday, went to sleep, went to the happy hunting ground, or simply died. He was a kind, gentle individual who had a habit of getting exactly what he wanted, anytime he wanted it, by demanding it, by 'head-butting' the adversary, until we provided what he wanted, whether it was food, or Reiki, or just company. His name is still Cinnamon, and he is still a living presence in my life, as he has been for the past 17 ½ years. He was the family's cat, but mostly my son's.

Cinnamon came into the family when Matt was 2 ½ and Tia was 7 months. I remember the day I bought him in a suburb in Adelaide, on the way to collecting my then husband from work. He was a small ball of grey fur, soft and fluffy. He came to me by climbing the wire cage wall and head-butting the cover until I opened it and let him out. That wall was a good three feet high. You could say he was telling me he was going home with us that day.

He climbed my ex's body onto his shoulder when he got into the car, saw Matt and adopted him. That was it. They went everywhere together after that, including being carried around by the neck, one day, when Matt was about four. Cinnamon put up with a lot over the years.

Cinnamon travelled from Adelaide, to Roxby Downs, to Invergowrie and finally to Armidale. He travelled well (at one point flying) and was always a grounding force in our household of many different cats. He would take any kittens born and 'train them right', gently and with wisdom. Once I found him in the basket keeping newborn kittens warm while their mother was getting a drink. He was just like that. In the end his faith in us kept him alive longer than necessary. Finally his kidneys failed, but he still trusted me when I took him on that last visit to the vet. I wish everyone such a faithful companion.

What can we learn from our Cinnamon experience - 'head-butting' works? ;-) He would come and sit beside me and head-butt my arm or side until I gave him Reiki, during which he would curl up in a circle and purr and purr. He was a presence in our lives, always walking me out to the car, always caring about me, and my family. He would garden with my mother, watch TV with Matt and Tia. He is very much missed. He trusted us to have his best interests at heart. He trusted us to feed him right, and give him whatever he needed, and often what he wanted. He trusted us because we are/were his family and we still are.

I think Cinnamon came into the family to teach us unconditional love. He was most un-catlike in his devotion to us. He accepted us for who we were.

On Tuesday morning I glanced sideways out the window and watched a grey cat step down the back stairs. I went to the door expecting Meg, my grey cat, but no one was there. There was not enough time for a cat to disappear. At 2.30am Wednesday morning a cat brushed by my legs, all soft fur, as I went back to bed. I looked down but no one was there. Like Lucy, the black cat in spirit who hangs around the Centre here, Cinnamon is still with us and seems happy in his role as watcher. The other cats at my house are not bothered by him, though they are sometimes bothered by other spooky visitors we sometimes get.

I hope I can be as faithful as Cinnamon has been for me. I work on it each day, learning to trust myself and offering that trust, and the faith it engenders, to everyone that I meet. Sometimes we meet others who do not yet trust, or have faith in themselves, but they are learning to. It is up to us to give ourselves, and others, time to do this.

Wishing you a wonderful day,
Ama Nazra