Monday, April 13, 2009


The last post I wrote here was many many days ago. I can't remember what got in the way .. oh yes, that blinking tiredness, and then my mother came to visit for a week .. lots of running around, lots of plans and conversations and more running around .. well I put her on the plane last wednesday morning and collected my daughter from the country train on thursday evening, and between times I cleaned house. Is it any wonder I am tired.

I wanted to talk about faith. I was just reading that journal I mentioned last month and the writer said 'if there is no God then we are all accidents, but then there is a God so we not'. That's faith for you. There is no logic involved at all.

Someone said that everyone has profound faith .. well, everyone that gets into a car, that is. We all get on to the roads and highways believing that everyone else will obey the road rules, at least to some greater degree that keeps them on the left of the road .. or on the right, for those folks who live anywhere but Oz and England. So faithfully we drive along until someone, or something, hits the car and unsettles us, or we have a stress attack, as a number of people I know have done, and stop driving. Necessity might drive them back into the car, or they could, like my mother, choose never to drive again. Did they lose faith? Yes, in themselves.

Faith in God is believing in something you cannot see. Why do I believe in so much stuff I can't see, can't touch with my hands, sneaks up behind me and gives me a fright? Still can't see it. The other day we had the 'smelly visitors', can't see them with my eyes open, still believe in the human spirit, in all its myriad of forms though. I could smell them? I didn't really even feel their presences until the smells arrived, but that is my own distraction. We are having fright nights around here at the moment. Tom said I was making funny noises in my sleep, and when he woke me and asked if I was ok I told him I was 'busy'. The last 'memory' of busy involved a dragon-kind very tall being and a very big sword. I told Tom to ask me questions after I wake up really early in the morning instead. He says he will. Now that is faith. He has faith in me not being a total nutcase. It is only me that wonders that of myself at times.

Where was I? Why do people believe in God? They have to have something bigger, stronger, wiser and more loving than themselves to cling to. Well that is my answer anyway. I doubt I will ever be a philospher. You know, if you stick the example out there people will still ignore it. Even if God turned up and slapped a few people in the face they would just turn their heads and go back to watching tv. Do you want to live in that sort of personal vaccum, or out here where the world is a little weird, far more challenging, and sometimes frightening. I know where I want to be.

Faith is the binding force that should draw people together, but 'faith' also tears them apart. Just look at the battles over the millenia between people of different 'faiths'. They don't have different faiths they have different beliefs. The trouble is that some of them, some of us, so as not to think we can isolate ourselves from the human race as a whole, want everyone to believe in the same thing. I wonder what God wants? Didn't s/he create all the different possibilities of beliefs? Didn't s/he open all of us to the opportunity of change? I know s/he did. It was in the complicated gift called Free Will.

Have to go and collect my daughter from the local railway station this time. She goes home tomorrow, I have faith then that I'll settle back into a bit more creative routine when she's home.

Have a great day,
Love & Light
4.55pm Monday