Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who is ...

Jesus the Christ

Over 2010 years ago a child was born, probably in the town of Bethlehem, not in the town of Nazareth, which according to scholars, didn't exist then. Again, according to biblical scholars, it was the year -6BC, not the year "0" on which we are now basing our Western calendars. Which is interesting because it makes the millenium into 1994. I am not sure if anything dramatic happened that year, but I was living in Roxby Downs and, as usual, it was hot in summer and nippy in winter.

Jesus was not born of a Virgin. That was added later by the leaders of the newly formed Christian Church. They had to turn a 'man' into God, and so they turned his mother into .. well, they used a little poetic licence on the translation of the word Hebrew word for 'virgin', which I believe meant 'unmarried woman', and, in more modern terms Jesus could then have been called a 'b*stard', having unmarried parents. Only they were handfasted, as was the tradition of the time, so technically Mary becoming pregnant by Joseph cemented their relationship .. the rest is 'mythology'. By the way, I've read that John the Baptists mother was also a Virgin, as were a few other famous folk. Not very original of the church leaders, to so obviously steal from the mythology of those who had gone before them. But then, they did a lot of stealing along the way.

I can really sympathise with all the people who find Christianity nearly impossible. You have two groups - those of us who try to follow tradition, with all the extra knowledge that good research adds to it .. or in this case 'detracts from the mythology', and those who follow the Bible blindly, even when they know that men, lots of men, over many years, edited (redacted) it, rewrote it to suit what they believe at the time, took bits away and added them (Iranaeus - yes, I am letting you read for yourselves), and generally reintrepeted it to suit the times - much as we do today. I have, at present, thirteen copies of the Christian Bible and not one of them match the other.

So where does that leave us with Jesus the Christ. Right back at shaking my head and wondering? No, not really, because then there's the angelic point of view. You can add that to the mix. There's even a channelled Gospel supposedly written by Archangel Gabriel .. which tells of all the 'hidden' years of Jesus' growing up, while he travelled the world and learned from many wise Masters .. everything he later told his followers 'came from God'. Ummm.... or was that edited out too?

No wonder people struggle to believe in any of these concepts.

What does it do to your faith, when you want to call on the power of Jesus (God), as we were taught as Christian kids, and you know .. or think you do .. that Jesus was 'just a man'? Invoking his name (or praying to him) is just a joke - isn't it? Have you tested this theory? I have. It's not.

Did you know that God created each of us to follow in his/her footsteps and be creators too. How does one create? One believes in God, then oneself and ideas flow. Well, they do for some people. I am better at taking someone else's idea and adapting it myself. I would love to create from nothing .. but I start with nothing .. and end up the same way. Give me five pieces of a jigsaw and I'll make you a new one. That's a gift too. LOL

So I have to test every theory .. and I have tested the 'invoke Jesus Christ' one .. and it works.

I bet you didn't think I'd write that .. or if you know me, you knew I would write it. Yes, while I am not religious, I am Spiritual, and a great believer in the power of Christ on earth, and in the hearts and souls of every person living and dead. And so .. when I invoke the name of the Christ it works!

Hmm... do we see the difference I wonder? The Christ .. what happened to Jesus?

Have you read my book? It's on the net. The story is there.

Here's the link .. go and read. Three webpages from here .. or go back to the beginning and read it all. You never know .. it might open your heart the way it did me when the angels showed me what happened. And they did show me.

And so when I ask Jesus Christ to help I use his whole title, and combined with the Soldiers of God, Archangel Michael and his troupe, we bring change into the world.

Here's the updated Invocation. I hope you never have to use it.

The Michael Invocation

In the name of Jesus Christ,
Archangel Michael,
Remove all attachments from me,
All negative energy forms,
All negative thought forms,
All heavy energy forms.
All small demons and large demons,
All humans in Spirit and take them Home
All intruders and mischief makers,
All astral forces and dominants,
All living humans who try to steal my energy,
And do me any other harm.
All threads and bindings
All cords and ties
All chains and devices of any kind
All curses and hexes on any level
All karmic patterns that are self-defeating
Return me to my perfect energy now please
Thank you.

Try it!

Love & Light

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The power of words

Ok, this one has really got me cranky, so you'll have to forgive that its not going to be a light of fluffy post.

Let's start with the appalling tragedy of the floods in Queensland - so many people have died, so many lives disrupted, people still lost, hearts broken, minds disarrayed. Oh, most will recover, and buildings can be repaired, but the spirit is harder to lift .. particularly when the media is busy helping everyone feel miserable.

Ah the media. Tell me something .. why is it so important to focus on all the truly unhappy things that are happening? Where are the hero stories? Where are the people who are making the best of the situation? Oh, I know you mention them in passing .. but your questions for the people that you interview "tell us all about how deadly the water was as it swept towards you?" "how terrified were you as you watched it come to sweep you (your house) away?" How deadly, how terrified, how horrible, how much you will suffer ... can't you think of anything else but playing up the disaster for the entertainment of the voyeurs avidly watching the tv from the safety of their couches? Oh I know the ratings are important, they protect your jobs, but who protects the hearts and minds of those people who cannot help, and those waiting for disaster to strike .. who turn and walk away from the tv in disgust because 'once again' you highlight the negative and ignore the positive.

Examples: yesterday, the lady with the esoteric healing centre .. her building had not been flooded yet, but you obviously didn't know that when you pointed to the shops half buried in water and asked her to 'point out which one was hers'. The camera followed her pointing finger, to the house perched above the waves .. and you dropped her like a hot potato .. admittedly it was to reconnect to an update from the premier, or someone .. but the cut was too soon and it was obvious the woman was not of interest to you .. unless she was part of the tragedy.

And then this morning: the police are asking people to stay off the roads and rivers. So why did the news reporter say, when talking about the gawkers on the bridge driving by 'slowly', 'straining' to see what was happening in the water (with the jetskiers?), "this is what the police want .... pause ... not to happen". The 'not to happen' was said in a much quieter voice. What message did I get from that .. give me more rubbish to report? Come out and block the roads ...

Believe me, I am watching. I drop in from time to time to get updates on the water levels and listen to Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard telling us what they are doing for the state, and I'm proud of them, and everyone else who is trying to help, on any level .. but when it switches back to the media fluffing and fumbling over fill-in words, awaiting the next dramatic event to report, the tv goes OFF, again.

Do you know what you are doing with your words? Not just the media, but you, me and everyone. Do you know the amount of heartache and pain you cause yourself and others with your unguarded tongue. Spirit gave most people a filter between their thoughts and their mouths .. when did you choose to switch yours off?

Stop and think about what you say. Your words, every single one of them, have the power to change the world. The Buddha said "with our thoughts we create the world" .. well .. what sort of world are you creating when you let those stray, nasty, thoughtless, harmful words out your mouth without thinking about the damage they might do?

With our thoughts we create the world .. when we so desperately need peace, healing and safety we focus on pain, fear and negativity. Is humanity worth saving?

Hmm.. where is Noah?

Love & Light

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orbs, Spirit Orbs, Energy Orbs, Elemental Orbs, what do you think?

Good morning all, you might have to sign onto the Spirit Rescuers group owned by Sierra Sky to read the link above but the question is basically this:

Do you think (Actual) Orbs are different entities (maybe...the spirits of those who have passed on, or, as some spiritual teachers state, they might be spirits waitingto be born into a physical body, nature spirits to beings of pure energy that have never been incarnated in a physical form or plasma-like balls of energy) or spirit faces? Do you think the orb's color could be the emotional state or its' entity type?My answer follows.

What do you think?


How about 'all of the above'? I have seen photos of orbs in different colours, including a black one, the colour of which scared the lady who saw it with night vision goggles. I say the 'colour' because she said she didn't feel frightened until she saw the colour. In that case I think we scare ourselves, black is merely an absence of light it is not necessarily something nasty.

I have seen many faces in orb photos, of people of all ages, aliens and animals. I know this can be matrixing, but some of them have been so clear that it is hard to mistake them for anything else. I have also seen orbs that radiate an inner light as if they are a wish that is not yet manifest.

I have come to believe that orbs are 'unmanifested spiritual energy', that they are the possibility of creation before it happens - so that they can become whatever they need to be at the calling of their creator. Now that's where it gets interesting. I also think that the faces we see in them are a snapshot of the person, or being, who created the orb.

How are orbs created? In my opinion any living thing creates energy all day long. What happens to the energy they express from their system? If you touch a person you can 'feel' the heat they give off - well, heat is created by the movement of atoms against something (friction) so our energy is moving outwards from our chakras and auras and into the greater atmosphere .. how else can we fill a room with our emotion. How many of us have walked into an empty room (or a room full of people) and had our moods change, for better or worse? Humans alone are huge creators, think about an angry mob? How quickly do our moods change under the influence of other people? And loving hearts can do so much good, human or animals (think of our pets, or wolves comes to mind, because I have seen their faces in orbs as well).

So to me orbs are creation in a bubble, and I love to see them. The possibilities are endless.

And the other thought is .. we all suffer from 'attachments' of the negative kind from time to time .. well, on this planet all things are in balance. You have light and dark, and up and down .. and positive (orbs) and negative (attachments) energy forms. Still working on that thought ...

Love & Light

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gratitude this morning

A quick dip into gratitude ...

Things I am grateful for ...

The apple orchard - for the cool air, the peace, the healing that the trees give to us.

God, Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the angels, elementals, ghosts, demons, spirits, and us .. the whole spiritual heirarchy

Things to do and people to play with

My inner happiness

Gus the dog for his company ... he's guarding the back of my chair (in his sleep)

Good books to read

The desire to laugh :-)

Ok, so what do I want to write about today?


Back later,
Love & Light

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gratitude is a gift worth sharing

Hi guys,

It's quarter to three in the afternoon and once again I am really tired. One of these days I'll give in and have an afternoon nap, but not yet! I mentioned peri-menopause on my other site "Spiritual Soapbox" (you can find the link on the right) and want to say the same thing here that I said there .. thank God for the Australian Menopause Centre, they took a muddled-headed me who struggled through mood swings, hot flushes and irrationality (and much more) most of last year (so appropriate that the last message here was on April Fool's Day) until a friend advised me to 'look them up' and their magic medicine changed my life.

So now I am back and this first blog is going to be about gratitude. So let's make a list.

Things I am grateful for:

my daughter
my son
the cats
the dog
chocolate biscuits
lime meringue pie that actually does what its supposed to do when you add the lime juice to the condensed milk (ok its silly, but the first pie didn't work)
You the reader
my angels
my teachers
my friends
the return of my enthusiasm, my energy, my ability to focus on a task
my gifts
being able to write
love .. that should be in capital letters LOVE
the mad desire to open a spiritual church
the sunshine after the rain
the rain after the sunshine
all this wind
all the rye grass even if it does make my eyes swell up
living in the orchard and not in some suburban block
LOVE again - the unconditional stuff we all try to achieve. Moments of it are like magic. They soothe the soul

Hmm.. I think that might do for now.

I said that Spiritual Soapbox is going to be for the challenges in life, and this site is for the joys .. sometimes it will end up being the complete reverse .. so if you want to keep up with me, you'll have to read both.

I shall now take my joyful self off and have a slice of pie
Wishing you the same,
Love & Light