Monday, September 12, 2011

Now this is interesting ...

According to the date on this site, I have not posted anything since June, but truthfully, I posted something from my 'drafts' folder that I started in June, in July. Where it had been, because it was not in the draft folder all during June and up until it came back in July (it had vanished when I tried to post it the day it was written), because I checked. How strange .. but .. whatever.

Today I wanted to express my bemusement, and tentative delight in finding a Christian Spiritualist church here in Pakenham. Well, its not actually in Pakenham, its in Officer, but it is in a little church-looking building, and it seems to be everything I would want my own christian spiritualist church to be.

Why am I so cautious in my estimation .. well, I've only been there once, but I really did like what I saw. The ministers, male and female, ran the service together. The messages were good, appropriate to the theme of the day, as were the songs. There were jokes. People held hands during prayer, which I always think is lovely .. great energy .. and I went through their song book (can't call it a hymn book, no hymns in it) and the songs all have good clear messages, and are not 'just anything cute' as some of the song books in spiritualist churches I have seen. Afternoon tea might have been better, but I've been spoilt by the Wantirna spiritual church .. they have GREAT afternoon teas. And the other lovely thing is that this church is open to ideas from all other religions ... YIPPEEE!

So, check it out for yourselves, if you, like me, are searching for God in all sorts of places,

Pakenham Spiritualist Church

Love & Peace

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